14 Reasons You Should Consider Using or Making Use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is about 40% less today than it's all time high in December 2017.

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3 Ways Bitcoin is Promoting Freedom in Latin America

In my opinion, Latin America has the most to gain by adopting bitcoin. Hyperinflation, government corruption, price controls, collapsing economies, protectionism, capital controls and excessive regulations are a big problem across the continent. Bitcoin is allowing Latin Americans to opt-out of their national currencies and use a currency that is both for and by the people.

Bitcoin in Argentina

Argentina was one of the first latin american countries to endure hyperinflation in more recent years. It didn’t take long for Argentineans to look for a way out of their existing financial framework. This short documentary touches on how one Argentinian is using Bitcoin to endure tough economic times with the help of a European bitcoin user.

Bitcoins: Liberating Organic Farmers

One of the biggest problems for small businesses in emerging economies is a stable store of value and access to a trustworthy banking tools like credit and electronic payments. Bitcoin is filling this void by providing farmers of organic foods to be able to take part in the internet economy.

BitGive – The Water Project

Africa is one of the largest and resource-rich continents on earth yet still has some of the poorest countries in the world. this short documentary highlights how BitGive is helping young women gain access to clean water with the help of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin in Kenya

Kenya is one of the world leaders when it comes to mobile money technology. This documentary touches on how bitcoin has the potential to integrate with the Kenya’s existing mobile payments technology.

Bitcoin in Uganda

Uganda receives around $700 million a year in remittance payments. The majority of these payments are currently sent through payment networks like MoneyGram and Western Union. This short documentary, highlights the problems with the cost and speed of using these services and how bitcoin can help to reduce the cost and increase the speed of sending money to people in developing nations.


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